Free Delivery to Beachwood Residents

Free Delivery to Beachwood Residents

Watch out, UberEats and DoorDash. There’s a new food delivery service in town – that is, if you’re one of the 12,000 residents of Beachwood, OH.] The town now has 10 delivery drivers who navigate this Cleveland suburb’s neighborhoods to bring carryout to residents.

NPR interview with Annie Wu & Tim Davin (NCR Group’s Director of Operations) :

WU: Beachwood Delivers allows restaurants to circumvent the high fees delivery companies charge. Consider, for instance, what Cedar Creek pays the delivery service DoorDash. Restaurant operations director Tim Davin says the fee really cuts into his bottom line. Let’s look at a hundred-dollar order.

TIM DAVIN: Well, immediately, $30 of that is going to go to DoorDash of that $100. Another $30 is going to go to pay for the food. All things being equal, another almost $30 is going to pay for labor.

WU: And Davin says on top of that are other overhead costs. But delivery and takeout are now essential if restaurants like this are going to survive. Before the pandemic, takeout accounted for less than 3% of Cedar Creek’s business. Now it’s nearly 30% of sales.

DAVIN: We’re realizing that, more and more, delivery becomes almost mandatory in these times. There’s people that can’t get out or don’t want to leave their house or don’t want to climb in a car and go.

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